Enjoy Traditional & Healthy Food

Kabul Restaurant

Introduction of Kabul Restaurant

Traditional Afghani flavors under one roof!

Kabul Restaurant Islamabad

A restaurant doesn’t just have to be a place; it has a character. Kabul restaurant started in 1983, a good restaurant with a pleasing ambience, quality and delicious food. Being one of the most famous restaurants in F7 Markaz, Islamabad provides a variety of appetizer’s, delicious Afghani food, and signature service with a presentation style.

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Relax, unwind and enjoy

Food, design, and environment all create a pleasant experience.

Healthy Food

Traditional Afghani food with delicious flavors, with the best ingredients, is something you’ll remember.

Fresh Atmosphere

When it comes to atmosphere, a small, intimate, and inviting space with a hygienic environment.

Perfect Destination

A good location with quality service, a place you can sit back and enjoy yourself with family and friends.

Follow your Taste

A restaurant with a menu that will excite your taste buds.

Chicken Roast

Chicken Karahi

Kabuli Pulao

Kebab Karahi


Let’s take a look at our dishes

Our tasting menus are inspired by the seasons and include fresh, local ingredients in unusual flavor combinations.


We are always keen to serve our clients because they are the source of our success.

In my opinion, Kabul restaurant is the best Afghan Restaurant in Islamabad. The quality, quantity, and taste of the food are amazing value for money.
-Salmaan Saleem
It was an incredible dinner there. Traditional foods tantalize your taste buds. The mesmerizing smoke from the grill adds more flavor to your food.
-Bilal Khan
If you're in the mood of eating Afghani dishes, rush to The Kabul Restaurant. A cozy and comfortable place for dining in with friends and family.
-Romaisa Hasham